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Environmental Policy

Corporate Environmental Policy Statement
It is the stated aim of The EcoSheek Bag Company to provide the best product and cause no unnecessary environmental harm. EcoSheek Bag Co is committed to promoting the use of Organically produced alternatives to plastic bags whilst maintaining a zero carbon corporate footprint.
Policy Statement.

The Company will work towards achieving its environmental objective by: ­-

Adopting a best practice waste management policy, recycling all that it is possible to, up to, and beyond the limitations of the local government infrastructure.
Minimising any disturbances to the local and global environment and to the quality of life of the local communities in which the company operates.
Complying fully with all relevant statutory regulations.
Taking positive steps to conserve resources, particularly those which are scarce or non renewable.
Advising all staff on their environmental obligations to the company and promoting an environmental frame of mind outside the workplace.
Assessing, in advance where possible, the environmental effects of any significant new development and adjust the company’s plans accordingly.

The overall objective must be to develop the business having full regard to the environment and taking into account the views of all affected interests.
The EcoSheek Bag Company requires suppliers and contractors to adhere to the environmental and waste management clauses within the published Terms and Conditions of Purchase which is available on request. The company actively promotes their primary contractors to have their own environmental policy and supports efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing facilities.

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